Seven days to bliss

It's almost time for my transplant, so in aide of preparing for my own retreat from the world (6-8 weeks post transplant) I am doing a yoga workshop that will fund my time off... so in return giving your health an inside to outside boost... It also times with my birthday week.

If you're looking to ramp up your yoga and health in the lead up to winter this week is for you. Morning practice 6-7.30am Monday April 30 , Tuesday May 1, Wednesday May 2, (THURSDAY May 3 off), Friday May 4. Saturday May 5 heart opening and emotion freeing practice 1.30-3.30. Sunday May 6, 2.30-3.30 pranayama and meditation class. All based at Elixr Bondi Junction.

Cost $200; book with a friend cost $180 each.
If you do only the weekdays it is $125; if you do the weekend only it is $75.

I am ideally going to get 20 of you as that would go a long way to helping me with my time off after surgery. 25 would be AMAZING. Non Elixr members are welcome too.

Any questions, please email me.