Practice makes perfect.
Important reading.
Wonderful health benefits.

Pranayama Monthly Class

Learn how to utilise your lungs to their best capacity. Wonderful for stress management and to help your energy levels. We will break down each type and practice as we go along.

When: Saturday October 20, Saturday November 17, and Saturday December 15. All @ 2.45-3.45pm.

What to expect: The class will start with a 10 minute mediation followed by 40 minutes of pranayama, finishing with a 10 minute mediation.

Where: Elixr Bondi Junction. Your name will be on a list on the door, you can stay on for Ashtanga 4-5.30pm if you wish.

Cost: $20 for a single class, but $50 if you book into all three.

To book in, simply email

Any questions please ask.