"I started yoga when I had just turned 20. I remember finding everything so challenging, especially all the hip openers. I fell in love with the practice quickly and before I knew it, people at work were asking me to teach them. It was at this point I started my teacher training with Anna Prior. I did five years of teacher training under the Iyengar Method. Afterwards I decided to explore Hatha and did my two year Hatha Training under Amanda Fuzes at Prana Space. I'm currently working towards being an authorised Ashtanga teacher, this could take a very long time to happen. In the meantime, I continue to practice, study and teach. Having had a chronic illness my adult life (lupus) resulting in a kidney transplant, I know that life is a journey of ups and downs. Somehow, wonderfully, yoga keeps us centred. I will always be a student first, there is more in the world than I could ever learn, even given a thousand lifetimes. I hope we meet on the mat so I can be a part of your journey," Martine Allars.