The slow down

I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel as if life is on fast forward. It's the middle of winter... already. Meantime, instead of being present, I find myself planning retreats for April and November 2015. I'm thinking about going to India later this year. Maybe that is why I love my yoga mat so much, and my newly created space in my room just for practice... because when I step on my mat I can slow down. It's my chance to be here, with my breath. I remember a teacher saying, "The past is gone, and the future nothing but imagination, be here, where life is real." Nowadays, life is too easily a blur. Especially in a world where we are working longer hours, and worse still, we are doing so around the clock with all our wireless devices. I can't help thinking how much simpler life was without them. If you're feeling burned out by the momentum of life remember, everything in nature takes its time. Huge oaks take a century to burrow and spread their roots, tortoises can live to 200 (and look how slowly they move), and we can take inspiration from them both. Time is an invention of man. There is no need for us to hurry, take your time. There is a reason that a slow cooked meal tastes better than takeaway. Why a good book is always better than a quick movie. The choice is always ours. It's up to us to take it. The amazing Leo, puts it well in his 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More. Click on link to see his tips.