Recover your balance

Finding balance in a modern world can be nearly impossible. Every part of life pulls at you. Your job is busier now that you do the work of at least two people, you do longer hours and perpetually feel like you are behind. You never have time to clean your house so you always feel tired when you walk through the door. Dinner is usually either something thrown together that tastes less than perfect, or whatever your nearest takeaway had on offer. So you sleep less, and less well; you know you want to get off this treadmill but you're just not sure how to. If this sounds even the faintest bit familiar, you aren't doing anything wrong except trying to keep pace with the masses. The truth is, there is no keeping up. No one will ever win this race. Nothing you get will be enough to make up for the quality of life you will miss in the great chase. So, get off the treadmill. Choose to do less so you can do things better and appreciate things more. Ask yourself, what do you want from your life. More often than not our answers are simple. We want health, love, happiness. Is your life giving you that? Perhaps, you want to downsize, work less. Take one more day off, and get paid a little less, but get your life back. Actively seek to create space in your life every single day. Is every social event necessary, every shopping excursion, every frantic gym visit? Sometimes moving slower, doing one thing at a time is all that you need to do to find your balance again. Life through me a big curve ball recently. I had to stop everything to get my kidney transplant. And you know what? When my life was stripped of everything I felt so at peace. The people and joys that mattered in my life were clearly evident. Now I have the luxury of adding back in only the things that I need, I'm content to move out of the way when people are rushing and most importantly, I've learned it is okay to say no to doing everything. I've been lucky to have been given a life where things that matter are clear. This week, take a step back, be an observer in your life. Cull what you don't need, nurture what you do, and don't worry about what others think. Concern yourself only with what speaks to your heart... that will always lead you back to balance.