Surrender to silence

In today's world we usually do at least three things at once; we're riding the bus, while texting and checking our emails on our phone. We fit two extra things into every day hoping that somehow if they're on our list we'll get them done. When we're alone we put music or the TV on; we don't really listen to the songs or watch the show but somehow the white noise is comforting. When was the last time you did one thing with silence around you? I'm not talking about sitting in a soundless void; I'm referring to reading a book listening to the sound of the falling rain against your window or lying under a tree at dusk and watching birds chatter in the trees. Our lives, in this modern, fast-paced world are filled with so much stimulation that from the moment we get up to the second we pass out in our beds at night, there is constant stimulation and distraction. The noise of people talking over each other, the flashing of ads on billboards... we can't even walk down a street without wanting to make a phone call or check our emails. This week as a test, I stopped myself every single time I wanted to do that, and you know what? A huge weight was lifted off me. I could just walk. It made life so much more joyous and simple. I was just cultivating the art of doing one thing at a time. If you can do this too, the fog clouding your mind will clear, you'll find yourself back in the present and your entire being will feel nurtured. Take the time today, to do this as a mindful exercise... Pause (it could be couple minutes or even a few hours) and allow yourself to be here, now.